Samtaş Kalıp

Samtaş Kalıp has been maintaining high quality production with high technology for many years.

About Us

Samtaş was founded in 1992 to deal with cold rolled cutting, shaping as well as design and production of extrusion. It developed its abilities further in a short time by carrying out the production of cast parts especially in automotive sector.

Samtaş serving its customers through its abilities and high quality gathered its experience in moulding sector with its experience in chair sector of 15 years in 2007 and entered into a partnership.

85 % of the production of Samtaş, which has been serving in the sector of metal spare part production for chair since 2007, is exported to European countries.

Samtaş has been maintaining its production policy, which is focused on customer, since its foundation date and produces metal spare parts for such entertainment centres as Casino, Bar, Cafe, Restaurant and Stadium.

Samtaş has carried out joint designs in various projects through its knowledge and experience in the sector and shouldered the mission of becoming a business partnership. It continues serving to its customers through its production and design of high quality in a closed area of 3000 m2 in Bursa.

Samtaş Kalıp

Our Vision

To be a leading company, that is preferred, of the Turkey and all of the World in the production metal spare parts and all retail services.

Our Mission

To provide quality, reliable service that is beyond the customer expectations with our employees that are engaged to the company values.

Our Principles

  • An ethical and safe work enviroment,
  • Respect for the nature , environment and people
  • To success, development and teamwork,
  • Fair communication

Corporate Values

Customer Orientation: With all our units, we understand the needs and expectations of our customers and we act in agile, proactive, reliable and innovative approach to meet customers’ expectations.

Operational Conditions: In accordance with the law, the safety conditions of the workplace is ensured and our employees health is protected. Business systematics and data based systems are occured the basis of our operations.

Human Resources: Our employess who attach importance to sharing information, success, development and teamwork, are focal point of our human resources. We act respectfully to our employess and create oppotunities for them to improve theirselves.

Ethical Stance: We respect social, political and cultural values in every region where we operate, and act honestly in accordance with the laws and business ethics. We attach importance to fair and transparent communication.

Sustainable Growth: We attach importance to the natural structure of our country, we produce with our approach that values the environment and nature and complies with the laws. We aim the development of our industry in order to increase the value of our country in international platforms.

Quality Policy

At all our products and services at furniture and automotive spare parts sector to create a quality management system that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level and aims continious improvement and on time delivery by using resources in effective way by eliminating non value added actions

In accordance with this purpose, our company;

  • Adopts a corporate culture that takes quality awareness and questioning perspective into account in every activity.
  • Aims to make all employees become more competent individuals who can use their skills at the highest level by producing the most appropriate, correct and economical solutions in the fastest way within the framework of quality systems.
  • Aims to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we are in, and to contribute to the national economy by continuously improving its business volume.


  • Brusa Koltuk
  • Destek Otomotiv
  • Sege Koltuk
  • Patır
  • Yarış Otomotiv
  • HAKA Metalworks
  • Sevdehan Plastik ve Metal


CNC Pipe Bending

CNC Pipe Bending

We carry out pipe bending by our CNC pipe bending machines by using such parts as carbon steel, stainless pipes, mile, fish plate and profile from Ø10 mm to Ø38 mm.

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet Metal Forming

We carry out production in the size and quality required by the sector in our pres line by our press machines in the weight of ranging from 45 tons to150 tons.



Inert-Gas Welding / Tig Welding: We carry out production through our robot welding station and manual welding stations. Moreover, we carry out completely automatic welding by using automation system in circular welds, developed in our company.



Sheet metal forming mouldings and manufacturing of production apparatus are carried out in our own moulding plant. Moulding apparatus designs are carried out by CAD-CAM software in the desired level of quality in accordance with the processes of required product and in accordance with the technical drawings and product data.

Moulding and apparatus are carefully processed in our CNC routers in accordance with the data from CAM programme and put into use.

In addition to mold production, mass production of aluminum parts is carried out in 3 CNC vertical machining centers located in our machine park.



Our products are heavily chrome, brass and anodic oxidation coating; after their production processes are completed, part surfaces are one by one subjected to polishing process before coating in our company.

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